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Build forms in React, without the tears. Formik takes care of the repetitive and annoying stuff—keeping track of values/errors/visited fields, orchestrating validation, and handling submission—so you don't have to. This means you spend less time wiring up state and change handlers and more time focusing on your business logic.
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Formsy React

The Formsy Authors

christianalfoni wrote an article on forms and validation with React, Nailing that validation with React JS, the result of that was this library. The main concept is that forms, inputs, and validation are done very differently across developers and projects. This React component aims to be that “sweet spot” between flexibility and reusability.
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React Final Form

Erik Rasmussen

High performance, zero-dependency subscription-based form state management for React
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React Hook Form

Beier (Bill) Luo

Performant, flexible and extensible forms with easy-to-use validation. React Hook Form reduces the amount of code you need to write while removing unnecessary re-renders.
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Redux Form

Erik Rasmussen

Manage your form state in Redux. This library is largely deprecated in favor of React Final Form.
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Remix is a full stack web framework (from the creators of React Router) that lets you focus on the user interface and work back through web fundamentals to deliver a fast, slick, and resilient user experience.
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